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Banded Pillow Cover

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 I am a huge fan of throw pillows- the more the merrier! At one point in my blogging career, my friends were calling me the Pillow Queen because it seemed like I was publishing a new pillow tutorial every week! And, honestly, I haven’t gotten any better. I still love throw pillows because they are simple and quick to sew, use small amounts of fabric and let me play with creating without the commitment of a larger scale project like a quilt. The pillow tutorial I am sharing today is a fun way to use Heat Transfer vinyl while still featuring the fabrics you love. The bands on the pillow are held in place with HeatNBond Ultrahold and I love that they sit on top of the fabric, but don’t move at all!

 You will need fabric and Heat n Bond Ultrahold OR Peel n Stick Fabric Fuse. The quote I am adding to my pillow has the “l” floating off the bottom of the quote band- this means that I will need to add the vinyl to my quote band last. Because of this, I am using Heat n Bond for my pillow. If you can add the quote before putting the bands on the pillow, or if you choose to just feature another fabric, you can use Peel n Stick, which is super quick and easy. For me the fun feature of this pillow is adding the quote and vinyl to the quote band. The additional textures available in the different kinds of vinyl are fun to play with and use.
If you are using vinyl to create a quote band, you will also need that, but you can always just choose to have a different patterned fabric instead.
Cut your main fabric into a 20″ square.
Cut your accent band to 12 1/2″ X 20″
Cut your quote band to 8 1/2″ X 20″

 Fold your accent and quote bands in half and sew along the long raw edge using a 1/4″ seam allowance. This will create a 20″ long tube. Turn your tube right side out and press flat. Make sure you push out the seam to make a nice even rectangle. (If you are adding the quote to your band before assembling the bands- do so now)

Cut 18 1/2″ strips of Heat n Bond (or Peel n Stick) you want to make sure the adhesive is NOT going to be in your 1/2″ seam allowance when sewing the pillow together.
Center the strips on the top and bottom edge of the bands and fuse in place.
Remove the paper backing.

 Lay out your main pillow fabric (the 20″ square) on your pressing surface.
Center the accent band on the pillow front. I like to place mine just above center because as the pillow settles once it’s finished, the filling tends to shift a bit forward and I like the bands to appear centered after this happens instead of being pulled lower.
Center the quote band on the accent band.

Fuse into place. The EasyPress2 makes this easy. The timing feature ensures you are properly adhering the fabrics in place. If you are using an iron- make sure you give the Ultrahold plenty of time to fuse.

Adhere the Heat Transfer Vinyl to your project. I used a file found in Cricut Design Space, but you can always use your own. I added the foil vinyl first then added the accent hearts. I chose to use the heat settings for my EasyPress2 for the vinyl requiring the highest heat (the glitter vinyl) when adding the different types of hearts. (In this project I have used red foil iron on, regular black iron on and gold glitter iron on)
Remove the carrier sheets. *note after I adhered the foil lettering, I just lifted up the carrier sheets around the edges where I wanted to add the accent hearts, but otherwise left the protective sheet in place as I added the hearts- that way I made sure that I didn’t touch the vinyl with my heated surface.

Now all that is left is to finish off your pillow cover. I added a back using an invisible seam zipper, (this link will take you to the blog post, or you can watch the YouTube tutorial here.) but you could use any method of pillow back you like.
I love this style of pillow so much, I’ve made it three times:

This spring version is my most recent one, and is uses Serenade fabrics from Riley Blake Designs. I LOVE this pillow!

And this version for the Holiday Room I made for my girls this year.

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Love You and Happy Sewing!

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