For Japan, with Love

I was sitting here at the computer today, wondering what in the world I was doing worrying about crafting and spring pillows and everything when people around the world are suffering unspeakable things right at this very moment.
The crisis in Japan is escalating, not easing and I wondered what I might do about it.
Then I started seeing this pop up all over, and realized that it’s what I don’t do that might help. Tomorrow I will not be posting on my blog, or checking other blogs.
Tomorrow I am going to hold my children closer, say more than a few prayers for the people of Japan, and remember. Remember to be grateful, remember to be humble, and remember to reach out and do all that I can to help anyone I see in need. Whether it be a neighbor across the street, or a neighbor half-way around the world.
Please join me in a day of blogging silence while we remember all those who have been lost and those who are struggling to survive.
I’ll check in soon.

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