I had kits to make up for a Super Saturday. Felt Happy Birthday banner kits. There were only 6 kits to make, but that still meant cutting out 156 pennants. So, I thought I ought to change out the blade in my rotary cutter.
Holy Sharp, Batman!
Seriously- I have had my rotary cutter for years- yes you read that right Y E A R S. And I have NEVER changed the blade. WHAT WAS I THINKING??? Sorry for all the shouting, but sometimes I think I am seriously the most challenged woman on the planet.
The first time I cut felt after changing the blade, I thought I cut through the entire mat as well. I was pushing so hard the blade actually got stuck in the mat!
The rest of the cutting was a breeze! I mean like a really gentle, slightly warm, full of tropical goodness type of breeze. Wait, what was that, did I just hear angels singing? I think I might have! I have repented of my evil, cheapskate, drive the blade into the dirt, ways. I will always have a replacement blade on hand, and I will not be afraid to use it, so help me scissors! A shot of the contents of the kit. Packaged those babies up and sent them on their merry way. I hope they have fun putting them together.

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