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Custom storage containers using vinyl

 *another Cricut Design Space project as part of my Final round room makeover

One of my favorite things about this whole room makeover is how the closet turned out.  I love how much storage has been added to the room, and I love how organized it is.  But mostly, I love these darling totes.  And I love how the vinyl helps disguise some of the contents in the totes while helping separate them so they can tell which one should have what stuff in it.

They are so easy to make too!  Simply choose the color of vinyl you want to use and select the pattern you want on your tote.  Some of these files will be available in Design Space in the next few weeks. 
* here’s a tip: if you use the tiny polka dots the the hearts- they are a pain to weed out.  Because they are so small, they tend to lift up from the backing.  Just take your time and make sure the vinyl is firmly down on the backing and mat before you start cutting.

Cut the pattern out of the vinyl and weed the extra vinyl out.  On the small flower totes, I simply peeled them off by hand and randomly placed them on the tote.  My 6 year old had a great time helping me do that.  When we pulled off all the flowers, we were left with the dots in the center.  I loved the pattern that was left and I wanted to keep the spacing and rows intact, so I used transfer tape to lift the dots and transfer them to the tote.  I did the same thing with the small polka dots and hearts pattern.

On the large pink totes, I enlarged a graphic found in Design Space to fit the front of the tote and transferred it to the tote with transfer tape.   For the vine vinyl, I welded vines together to make a shape long enough to cover half the side of the small tote, that way there were fewer pieces to put together and try to line up.

One last detail to these totes: Chalkboard Vinyl!  I love how these look, and they will be so helpful in marking what is actually in the tote. I am using these to store clothes the girls are either growing out of , or growing into- and there’s nothing more frustrating than pulling down a tote, only to find clothes you had forgotten about that your child JUST grew OUT of!  Or, maybe that’s just me. 🙂  Hopefully this will actually help prevent that tragedy from happening again.  (I guess I better get these marked ASAP)
The best thing about these is that the container are inexpensive (I bought mine at Ikea) and can be changed to coordinate with any decor you have going on in the room.  I can’t wait to do the same thing to the ones going in the boys’ room.  They’re going to look great!

What organizing problems would you conquer with this technique?

Also, a quick reminder that voting is open for the final round of the Design Space Star Challenge.  I sure would appreciate your vote. 🙂
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