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Quilted wall organizer DIY tutorial

I knew my girls would die when they saw the new My Unicorn fabric by Riley Blake Designs, and boy, was I right! The silver sparkle, the unicorns, the castle- it’s all a little girls dream! And for me, the rich colors, the navy, the florals- it’s a gorgeous line! Perfect for sewing up a quilted wall organizer, and this tutorial will give you all the instructions you need to stitch one up for yourself! I decided to create a…

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clothespin craft room embroidery floss organize rainbow storage

DIY Embroidery Floss Organizer using Clothespins

(*this embroidery floss organizer tutorial post contains Affiliate Links) I have been working on organizing my craft room and wanted to store my embroidery floss in a pretty way. I was inspired by a couple of pictures on Instagram and loved how some creative people were not only storing their floss so it wouldn’t become a tangled mess, but had it out on display. I decided to make a framed DIY embroidery floss organizer so I would have somewhere to…

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zipper pouch for washi tape

Once I got started sewing things for my planner, I knew a must have would be a pouch for my washi tape. Now, I realize that you can throw washi tape into any zipper pouch and it would be just fine.  I just didn’t want to have to dig through the pouch, or pull out all the washi to see what I have.  I also realize that for most planner addicts out there, eight rolls of washi is a ridiculous…

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children Cricut organize tote vinyl

Custom storage containers using vinyl

 *another Cricut Design Space project as part of my Final round room makeover One of my favorite things about this whole room makeover is how the closet turned out.  I love how much storage has been added to the room, and I love how organized it is.  But mostly, I love these darling totes.  And I love how the vinyl helps disguise some of the contents in the totes while helping separate them so they can tell which one should…

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home organize Point of View

Organizing papers

I have revealed in previous posts that my kitchen counters are usually in a major state of disarray.  From papers, to craft supplies, to kid stuff- everything gets dumped in the corner and left there.  Now that our basement is finished- we are land locked.  Everything we are keeping needs a place to live- no more squatting on my kitchen counters. 🙂 One problem is kids’ homework.  I’m sad to say we’ve lost more than one assignment in the abyss…

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craft room organize paint sewing

Cabinet Door Craft Room Organizers

When I shared my first cabinet door reveal for our Point of View project, I hinted that it was the first of many.  Well, I don’t know if many is the right word, but I did have a few more up my sleeve.  I was just waiting for some decent light to capture them.  Yesterday, I got what I needed, so today I get to share how I am making my craft room more functional and pretty.   First up…

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craft room organize Point of View

Point of View Reveal- DOOR

  It’s time for our first Point of View reveal Are you ready?   So fun, right? My favorite part of every month is seeing how everyone takes a simple theme and comes up with completely different ideas. Are you ready to check them out?  Follow the links to get the details: Scroll down for my project. Jonie from Just betweenFriends Leanne from Organize and Decorate Everything Stephanie from Crafting in the Rain Ashlee from  I’m Topsy Turvy And our…

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advice organize real life

Creating a schedule- phase 1

My house is a wreck.  Not that you would think so from first glance.  I try to keep up with the obvious surfaces.  But in a house with 5 children- often just picking up takes all day.  You put one away, they take three out- and repeat.It can feel overwhelming to think about all that needs to happen to keep a home clean.  Then, a few years ago, I had a revelation.  I was watching a show on public television-…

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fabric furniture organize painted

Fabric Cabinet Makeover

I am desperately trying to get my supplies in order.  I am overrun with stuff- all kinds of stuff, from scrapbooking supplies to sewing implements- my shelf runneth over. 🙂  So I am always on the lookout for great ideas to help me get organized.  This shelf unit from Sew Many Ways is awesome!  So much storage from big box shelf units.  She makes it look custom by adding crown molding on top.  So smart!  And she has tons of…

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children Christmas decorate holiday organize paper

In the Middle of it all…

As if I need one. more. thing. to. do. I just couldn’t let these projects go. I loved the countdown blocks from and really wanted to make them for Halloween. Well…they’re done for Christmas- better late than never, right? And, I have actually made Christmas books like these before, but the girls over at Eighteen25 had such a cute one, I just HAD to make a new one for this year! I didn’t use their downloads, but I did…

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