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DIY Embroidery Floss Organizer using Clothespins

(*this embroidery floss organizer tutorial post contains Affiliate Links) I have been working on organizing my craft room and wanted to store my embroidery floss in a pretty way. I was inspired by a couple of pictures on Instagram and loved how some creative people were not only storing their floss so it wouldn’t become a tangled mess, but had it out on display. I decided to make a framed DIY embroidery floss organizer so I would have somewhere to…

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Coat closet makeover

You know that one spot in your house that becomes the dumping spot for every random bit that doesn’t have a real home?  Ours was this coat closet.  It’s hard to take a good picture because it’s at the end of a narrow hallway, and it’s such a small closet, but hopefully this will give you an idea of where we started. This closet was only wide enough to hang maybe 5 coats.  And there was so much wasted space…

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