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DIY Embroidery Floss Organizer using Clothespins

(*this embroidery floss organizer tutorial post contains Affiliate Links) I have been working on organizing my craft room and wanted to store my embroidery floss in a pretty way. I was inspired by a couple of pictures on Instagram and loved how some creative people were not only storing their floss so it wouldn’t become a tangled mess, but had it out on display. I decided to make a framed DIY embroidery floss organizer so I would have somewhere to…

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Cabinet Door Craft Room Organizers

When I shared my first cabinet door reveal for our Point of View project, I hinted that it was the first of many.  Well, I don’t know if many is the right word, but I did have a few more up my sleeve.  I was just waiting for some decent light to capture them.  Yesterday, I got what I needed, so today I get to share how I am making my craft room more functional and pretty.   First up…

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Point of View Reveal- DOOR

  It’s time for our first Point of View reveal Are you ready?   So fun, right? My favorite part of every month is seeing how everyone takes a simple theme and comes up with completely different ideas. Are you ready to check them out?  Follow the links to get the details: Scroll down for my project. Jonie from Just betweenFriends Leanne from Organize and Decorate Everything Stephanie from Crafting in the Rain Ashlee from  I’m Topsy Turvy And our…

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Craft Room Tour

 So, I had a moment on Saturday.  I bought a nice, big, cutting mat on a screaming deal from Joann’s.  When I got it home and tried to put it on my craft table, I realized it was about a foot bigger than the table.  Luckily, my craft table is actually my Great-grandmother’s dining table, and we had an extra leaf out in the garage.  Easy enough to fix, right?  WRONG.  When I put the leaf in, the table was…

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