Christmas fabric holiday ornaments

Floral Crown Ornaments

The fabric for this post was provided by Riley Blake Designs/Penny Rose Fabrics. The project and opinions are my own.

Pinewood Acres is a beautiful woodland themed fabric line that immediately reminded me of the cabin my grandparents built and where I spent many weekends of my childhood. We would spend hours in the trees, looking for treasures, making up games and going on adventures. There were always lots of deer to be seen, and fortunately, never any bears!
I decided to take the animals and tree from the main print of this line, as well as a small set of antlers and make some ornaments for my grandmother, as a thank you for the many wonderful memories I have of the beautiful place they built.

The colors in the fabrics are rich and warm. They would make a wonderful cabin quilt!

I used 2 three inch hoops and 2 four inch hoops as well as one oval hoop to make the ornaments.

I used a combination of woven wheel flowers, french knots and lazy daisy stitches to create the flowers. I also added pine boughs to the flower crowns to give them more of a holiday feel.

 I love wrapping hoops in fabric to finish off the project. To keep the fraying in check on these, I pressed a 1 1/2″ strip of fabric in half and then wrapped the hoop leaving the folded edge exposed and the raw edges hidden under the next layer.

I think the tree might be my favorite! I think it just looks so majestic with her lovely sprays of flowers!

I can’t wait to give these to my grandma to thank her for the many sacrifices she and my grandpa made for so many years to give us a priceless opportunity!
What does Pinewood Acres make you think of?
Happy Holidays!

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