new art

Since it is Spring break here, we are enjoying not having a schedule, I should say- I am enjoying not having a schedule. So this morning my daughter and I decided to do some crafts together. I had these dollar frames from Michaels sitting around and I had been hoarding this paper to make something for my bedroom, since I love Basic Grey and these are the perfect colors for my room.
We decided to mod podge the frames and then I’ll add pictures of all my kiddos and hang them on the wall in my room. I haven’t decided if they’ll go over the bed, or on another wall, but they will make it in there somewhere.

After we put the paper on, we stained the edges of the frames. This was a learning experience for my daughter and she really enjoyed getting to do some of the things she had only been allowed to watch me do before. They look great I think and I’m excited to get pictures in them and hang them in my room. I will add some ribbons, buttons etc. , but the papers are so cute, I don’t think I will do all that much to them. There is a small hole on the back that you use to stick the small dowel in to stand the frames up, so I just turn them over and use the hole to hang them in. But the state you see them in is where they are living right now since my sweet dear decided she’s done with crafts for today. Hopefully I’ll have some time this afternoon to get them finished up and off the kitchen counter.

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  • Karen
    April 6, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    they look great! I have a million little projects like that I need to do. sigh. maybe another day.