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new pillow

So, I have been busy making things for my boutique. And when I am gearing up for a boutique, I usually don’t get to venture off and make new things. I am just trying to stock up on regular inventory (tote bags, scripture totes, banners,etc.).
But, once in a while something creeps up and I’m able to do something a little different. Actually, in this case it was more of a bunch of little things that created this pillow.
I had actually made the pillow cover a while ago, but the part that was meant to be the front (the solid piece) was put on backwards. The lovely pin-tuck fabric, didn’t have any pin-tucks showing. DUH! So, I put it away. The next happening was reading some of the CSI entries into the pillow contest. Someone (sorry, if it’s you let me know) suggested turning the envelope closure to the front and using it to showcase vintage buttons or whatever closure you chose. Light bulb moment for me! The third and most wonderful happening is that my sister came out to do some crafting with me and in exchange for fabric, I made her help me clean out my crafting mess. In cleaning it out I stumbled upon this cover, remembered about turning it around, and asked my sister’s opinion. She has been making dozens of glorious flowers and offered one up to rescue the life of this poor, pillow cover.
Sometimes it’s a process to find exactly all the pieces that will come together to create something wonderful. In this case, it think it was worth the wait.

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