painted paper wood

Subway Art

So, since I know you were all wondering, I looked up the origins of Subway Art- kinda- I googled it! I found out that subway art comes from the vintage signs that used to mark the New York Subway stations. They were vertical, white lettering on a black background and they used two sizes of the same sanserif font. I’m not sure of all the steps in the evolution of those signs into the current form of “Subway Art” but there’s the shorthand version for you. 😉

When my sister and I decided to make these, she had the brilliant idea to make it two sided. Halloween on one side and Fall on the other. We used a cream background and a simple mdf rectangle. (it’s probably 9X11- or somewhere close to that) Doesn’t the fall one look so amazing next to her book turned pear? LOVE IT!

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  • Rachel
    September 23, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    Amazing!! What a great idea to make it reversible!! Love it.