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Here are the much promised pictures of the new tote bag I have been making. And I have to say, they are selling faster than I can make them, which is fun. The down side to that is that I havn’t had time to make myself one and I’m stuck using the hospital diaper bag, which I hate, and which inspired me to start making tote/diaper bags in the first place!! Oh well.
Someone left me a comment and I didn’t even look to respond until now, I’m really sorry about that. I am a poor blog manager- and with the craziness of boutiques and making order after order, I barely have time to eat, let alone post. I will try to do better. I hope you found a great mother’s day present, sorry I wasn’t any help.

I won’t promise a time table, but I will try to post pics of all the gorgeous fabrics I purchased for these bags. They are so great.

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