fabric flowers Tutorial

5 petal flower tutorial

So, tomorrow I have a super cool surprise, that I am dying to tell you all about, but I can’t. So, in order to keep my mouth shut about what I can’t say- I’m going to do another flower tutorial. Since there aren’t enough out there.

This flower is made using the same technique as my chrysanthemum pillow– just FEWER petals!

To start you will need five large circles and five smaller circles. (I used the top of a 44 oz soda cup and a small IKEA kids cup)

[ignore the picture which shows three half circles- I had a strip of fabric I wanted to use so I cut six half circles out of it- you don’t need to do that]

Take two of your small circles and sew them together all the way around. Then take the rest of your circles and fold them in half, then sew around the edge. Trim with pinking shears [there are those half circles again- I told you to just ignore them ;)]

Cut a slit in the bottom of your half circles and turn them right side out. I usually use a blunt skewer to help push the edges out.

Sew a gathering stitch along the bottom of each half circle. Gather them up to form petals.
Cut a slit in the middle of your whole circle and turn right side out. This will be your center. Take the five large petals and arrange them in a circle. Hand stitch them to your base (whatever you are putting the flower on, or just a scrap piece of fabric). Arrange the three smaller petals in the same manner and stitch down- they should cover the bottom seams of the larger petals. Take the whole circle and pinch it in the middle, with the cut side down. Sew the pinches together a few times to secure, then stitch to the center of the flower. And there you have a lovely five petal flower!
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