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Creating a schedule- phase 1

My house is a wreck.  Not that you would think so from first glance.  I try to keep up with the obvious surfaces.  But in a house with 5 children- often just picking up takes all day.  You put one away, they take three out- and repeat.It can feel overwhelming to think about all that needs to happen to keep a home clean.  Then, a few years ago, I had a revelation.  I was watching a show on public television-…

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advice boutique fabric pillow

Black and white Damask Pillow

I just finished this last night.  I needed to use up the black thread on my bobbin so I could sew another gray side tie pillow.  {I know sad, right?  I should just buy more bobbins. 🙂 }  I am loving the french piping, but I definitely need to figure out the corners better.  Any good tutorials out there?  This pillow measures 12″ X17″. This fabric is just yummy!It’s going in the inventory pile for the boutique.I’d love your opinion. …

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Mom-day Advice

My advice? Start ’em early. Yes, that is the Joann’s ad they are looking at. Yes they got it out themselves so they could go through it. Yes, I am so proud!! 🙂 But, seriously- The real advice? Start teaching your children to be the people you want them to be when they’re adults. Do it on purpose. Don’t just hope they’ll turn out okay because you want them to- make it happen. I try to look at it this…

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