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Craft Classes?

Last year I was standing in the line at Robert’s (local craft store) waiting in line to purchase some Cricut cartridges. (4 for $100- a STEAL- which meant the line was LONG) The women behind me started talking to each other about different products, not really knowing what they did or how they worked. I, of course, butted myself into their conversation and began telling them what I knew and understood about the different items they were talking about. At several points they left the line (we held their spot, of course) to gather the items I suggested. (hello, commission?) Anyway, one of the ladies said, “Can I just take you home with me? That way you can answer all my questions!” And boy did I wish I had some business cards on me, cuz– duh! golden opportunity! But, it did make me realize that maybe all this time spent messing around with clay, wire, wood, paint, fabric, glue guns…and on and on…has taught me something- something I’d love to share. There is great satisfaction and joy to be found in making something with your own two hands- and so, I present, craft classes.
These are just some ideas I have had, they are by no means the limit of what we can do/learn. If there is something you want to do/have seen- let me know and we can figure out how to do it. If you are interested, please leave a comment either here or on facebook– letting me know which classes/when you would like to do them. For starters I thought we would focus on gifts/holiday decor. And I would like to host them in November, so we aren’t all crazy by Christmas. My friend has also agreed to help with jewelry making if there is any interest there!

Fabric flowers. Different styles, pins/clips/headbands.

Baby Legs. Made out of knee high socks.
Embellished canvas tote bags. We can do matching crayon rolls, or do those in a separate class.
I thought of doing those countdown calendar blocks, we could do other wood projects, pillows, embroidery. You name it. Anyway, I’d like to gauge the interest in these and then we’ll move forward with scheduling. Here’s to crafting up a few gifts!

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