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Making a gift tag envelope

To make this project you will need a tag template, scissors, paper, glue and embellishments.

Start by tracing the template on your paper. Then trace it again, right next to the first tag. (don’t trace it right along the bottom of the paper as I did, you have no where to add a tab to seal the bottom.) On the second tag, create tabs on the bottom and side of the tag (for folding over and sealing edges) and create a cut-out on the top, so you can easily slide the insert in and out. Cut out the whole thing (do not cut off the tabs, but DO cut out the top), and score on the fold lines. Place glue on the tabs and fold over.
Embellish as you desire. I love making paper flowers and I found the idea for the rose here.

For the little blue flowers I punched out two of the same flower. Using the end of a toothpick I scrunched one of the flowers as shown. Then I put glue on the bottom of that flower and glued it to the center of the flat flower.

Using the end of the toothpick again, I picked up a small glass seed bead and put glue on the side of the bead by dipping it in glue. (I like to have a small bit of glue on a scrap piece of paper to do this) Then position the seed bead in the center of the folded flower. Use your finger to hold the bead in place while you slide the toothpick out.

Write a message on your insert (in this case I used the next size down on the same tag template), attach to a gift, and send it to your dear friend. She’ll be delighted.

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  • Karen
    August 9, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    So, the front piece of your "envelope" should have tabs on both sides and the bottom? Your picture was just of the one you traced too low? And do you just eyeball the tabs, or is there a template you used for that as well.

    Sorry, I was just needing clarification 😉

  • Amy
    August 10, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    I just eyeballed the tabs. The tabs only need to be on one side of the second tab, because the other side is the fold line between the two tags, so it's already sealed. Does that make sense? So the end result should look like the picture, just with a tab on the bottom of the second tag, as well as the one already on the side.