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Celebration Table Runner

   In our family, when one of the children has a birthday we celebrate them in one way by allowing them to pick out a few of their favorite treats and snacks that we put on display and allow them to eat throughout their special day.(of course they are expected to share with their siblings too!)  However, once the presents were opened, I felt like the jars of treats looked lonely on the table by themselves, so I decided to…

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Pinch me letters and mason jar pot of gold

*I wrote this post last year as a guest post for The Wood Connection blog.  The wood letters and papers were provided to me by The Wood Connection- however the project and opinions are my own. I don’t have many decorations for St.Patrick’s Day but this one makes me super happy.  I love the letters and wood, but the small mason jar pot of gold just might be my favorite.  That or the rainbow order jars of candy. 😉  Here’s…

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Ribbon and Burlap Table Runner

I know everyone is probably already decorated for Halloween, so you have time to pull this simple but festive runner together for your Thanksgiving celebrations, or just to tide you over on decorations until you’re ready to get Christmas going in your house. 🙂  And, if you’re like me and still don’t have Halloween decorations out, well, you can pretend this one is a Halloween decoration.  I’m still trying to convince the kids. Simple Ribbon and Burlap Banner To get…

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Polka dot garland

Last week was my turn to host our neighborhood co-op preschool.  Monday also happened to be my daughter’s 4th birthday.  Luckily our letter was P so we hosted a Letter “P” party that doubled as her birthday party.I’ll be sharing more details this week, but first up is this polka-dot garland.  All of my kids were impressed, thinking it must have taken me a long time.  But really, this is a pretty simple project.  It was even easier with My…

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back to school celebrations children party Point of View

Back To School Point of View Features

I am so excited to share with you a couple of the projects that were linked up to this month’s Point of View party.  There are so many wonderful ideas- I am always amazed by what people come up with.  I decided to theme my feature picks.  I love a good celebration- taking the moments of life and really living and making them matter.  So I chose a couple of back-to-school meal/party ideas.  There is some major inspiration in these…

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Let’s Celebrate!

So, I’ve been meaning to do this post for a couple of days, but every time I log on, I get distracted by the posts on my dashboard (other people’s posts!) and run out of time. Hmmm…sounds like I need to get some discipline. 😉Anyway.I hit 100 followers this past weekend! Yay! (thanks Jenna for being #100) And to celebrate I thought a give away would be in order.If you are the fancy schmancy super mom who creates themed birthday…

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The Birthday Box

We just celebrated a birthday in our house. Someone just turned 7, and he was SOOOO excited! We only give our kids big friend parties every 4 years starting when they turn 8, so I needed to come up with a way to make the other birthdays still feel special and celebrated! And so, the birthday box was born! In it I keep my happy birthday banner (which I also sell at boutiques- and am hoping to get in my…

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To Be A Pioneer!

My MIL found a pioneer hat and apron at a garage sale this summer. It was light pink and fit my 8 year old perfectly. She decided right then and there that she was going to be a pioneer for halloween this year. Great! One costume down, three to go! Or, I mean two to go- she decided to bring her little sister down the west-ward trail with her!So this morning I decided it was time to knock something off…

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A Little Bit of Halloween

These are some of my favorite spots in my house right now. Holiday decorating is so much fun! I got this spider from my mom a few years ago. She had them forever and I have no idea where they came from, but I love them. One of these days I am going to figure out how to make more!Every season I like to dress up the candles on these candlesticks. I just use a few glue dots to hold…

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Itsy Bitsy Spider

I was playing around with some new dishtowels I bought and wanted to try out this idea for a spider. I cut out the legs and just sewed them up the middle of the strip, I wanted them to fray. The body is three graduated circles all sewn one on top of the other, again leaving the edges to fray. I sewed on beads for the eyes- and Done! A new halloween dishtowel. I’m not sure how well this will…

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