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To Be A Pioneer!

My MIL found a pioneer hat and apron at a garage sale this summer. It was light pink and fit my 8 year old perfectly. She decided right then and there that she was going to be a pioneer for halloween this year. Great! One costume down, three to go! Or, I mean two to go- she decided to bring her little sister down the west-ward trail with her!
So this morning I decided it was time to knock something off my to-do list, and the pioneer costume was somehow at the top of the list?
Anyway, it’s done. I used the larger version as a pattern and made the apron pretty easily. (except that I sewed it on the waistband backward!) There were a few mishaps that ended up being happy accidents, but nothing major.
So, on to the bonnet. Nothing too terrifying. Just don’t look too close. (that’s why the pictures are small in this post 😉 ) I lined it with felt, cause the big one was lined with felt- must be for a good reason right? Actually, I think it gives it body and some heft. I tried to make it smaller to fit little miss, but I think I made it a smidge too small. Oh well, it will make it easier for her to see out and about on trick-or-treat night.
The good news is that she LOVES it, and since this picture was taken she has dribbled Oreo slobber all over it. So now it’s authentically dirty and broken in. (there weren’t clean pioneers back in the day, were there?) I just need to find/make skirts for both girls and half of my children will be properly decked out to make their way to candy heaven!
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  • Rebecca Everett
    October 9, 2010 at 1:10 am

    This is absolutely the cutest. What an adorable but doable costume. Thank you for sharing!