fabric scripture tote

Filling Orders

So, Liz, here they are. Ripe for the picking. You have first dibs on any of the totes you see.

These are the two boy ones. I have another of the wildlife totes, but you wanted two different ones for the guys so here they are.

The lining fabric on this one is so cute. I think any girl would love the birdies inside.

These are the newest three.
There are 11 girl totes, so just tell me which three you don’t want and I’ll ship the rest up to you.
Love you, and thanks a ton for your support.

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  • Märta
    January 12, 2010 at 12:52 am

    Cute Crafter:
    How can I place an order? I also wonder if you have any Birthday Cards I could buy from you? You are soo talented! I ended up giving away the two cute bags I purchased in the fall for Christmas gifts, I admit they were perfect for them, but Liesl and I were sad to part with them as we had been saving them as gifts for us!

    I would love a couple of scripture totes, and a couple of large ones as well please? Happy New Year!