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Sewing Tutorials: How to Make Fabric Carrots

The Ultimate Fabric Carrot Tutorial featured by top US craft blog, Ameroonie Designs
This post was updated from its original version on 3/6/2020. it was originally published 4/1/2017
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From the moment the first warm breeze hints at the coming of spring, we get antsy for green, growing things and bright happy colors. If you’re like me, you get ready for spring before spring is actually ready to arrive. Creating a bright happy project is just the thing to carry you through the last gasp of winter before the ground begins swelling with new life. Sewing fabric carrots may be just the project you need. They are simple and fun. Don’t be surprised if you end up sewing a whole lot more than you think you really need. *update: if you want to cut these fabric carrots out using a Cricut Maker, you can find the link for the mini carrots here, or the medium carrots here.

Supplies for your Fabric Carrots:

Fabrics- large scraps of orange and smaller scraps of green
Fiber fill or other stuffing material
Sewing machine and tools
Needle and thread

If you want the printable version of the pattern, which includes paper templates for the carrot bodies and leaves in two sizes, you can find it here.

Cutting fabric for the Fabric Carrots:

Fabric carrots can be made in any size you want

 The first thing you will need to do is decide how big you want your fabric carrots to be. You will need two rectangles in the sizes shown for each carrot. (unless you are making multiple carrots of the same fabric, then see tip below) Fold the rectangle along the length and then cut from the top outer corner to the fold point to create the pennant shape. You can really use any measurement you want, the wider the rectangle, the fatter the carrot, the taller the rectangle, the taller the carrot.

TIP: Cut multiple carrots at once

  • First, cut a length of fabric the height of the carrot body you want.
  • Then, fold it over so the right sides are facing.
  • Finally, use a rotary cutter and plastic ruler, or draw your lines for cutting to create the pennant shape.
    • The point of the pennant will be at the half-way point of the width of the top.
    • For example: To make the medium size fabric carrots I would cut a length of fabric 9″ wide. Then, I would fold over that piece so the right sides are facing. Next- using a rotary cutter or ruler, measure from one corner at the top, to a marking 1 1/2″ (1/2 of the 3″ width I want) in on the bottom and cut an angled line. From that bottom point, measure over another 1 1/2″ (so you have 3″ from the top corner) and cut your second angled line. Continue this process- measure 1 1/2″ from the last point you cut on the opposite side so you create more pennant pieces that are 9″ tall and 3″ across the top until you reach the end of your fabric piece

Sewing Fabric Carrot Bodies

Sewing Tutorials: How to Make Fabric Carrots, a tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Ameroonie Designs: cut and sew the body of the carrot before stuffing
  1.  Place two body pieces right sides together.
  2. Now, sew along the two angled sides at 1/4″ seam allowance. Back stitch at the beginning and ending.
  3. Trim off the fabric around the tip to allow the point to be easier to turn.
  4. Finish by turning the carrot right side out. Tip* use a blunt, pointy tool (like a chopstick) to push out the point of the carrot.

Sew the Leaves for your Fabric Carrots:

Sewing Tutorials: How to Make Fabric Carrots, a tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Ameroonie Designs: fabric leaves for your stuffed carrots add a bit of whimsy to your project
  1. Cut the green fabric into the size of leaves you want. For the larger fabric carrots I used 2″ X 3″ rectangles, for the smaller ones, I used 2″ X 2″ squares. You need two pieces of fabric for each leaf. For the larger carrots I made 3 leaves, for the smaller carrots, I made 2.
  2. Round the two top corners of the leaf pieces. (note: the larger leaves are 3″ tall and 2″ wide)
  3. Sew around three sides of the leaf- leaving the bottom (straight) edge open. I do back stitch at the beginning and ending of each leaf so the stitches don’t pull out when you turn.
  4. Clip the rounded parts of the leaves. You can use scissors to cut notches out, but I like to just use pinking shears to trim it. Just be careful to not clip your threads.
  5. Turn the leaf right side out and press.

 Assemble your Fabric Carrots:

Sewing Tutorials: How to Make Fabric Carrots, a tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Ameroonie Designs: Use fiber fill to stuff the bodies then close the top with a needle and thread, adding the leaves at the end.
  1. Stuff the carrot with fiber. I like my carrots extra firm, but you do you. Leave a bit of space at the top to turn the edges over and add the leaves.
  2. Fold the top edge of the carrot body over a scant 1/4″ and stitch a running stitch around the top. Bring the thread to the inside of the carrot. Pull the thread to begin to gather the top, but don’t close it all the way- you still need to add the leaves. *tip: I used button thread which is thick and strong, if you use regular thread, just make sure to double it up so it’s strong enough to pull tight to close the top of your fabric carrots.
  3. Add the leaves. You can either run a gathering stitch along the bottom of the leaves, or fold the leaf and then just push the needle through the bottom- which is what I do. I accordion fold the leaf into fourths and then just add it to the thread. I add all the leaves at the same time. Pull the thread to gather the top of the carrot closed, make sure the bottom of the leaves are all enclosed in the carrot.
  4. Stitch around the top of the carrot again, catching the leaves as you go to keep them securely in the carrot. Tie off the thread when you are done.
Sewing Tutorials: How to Make Fabric Carrots, a tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Ameroonie Designs: Tie your fabric carrots into a bunch with a bright ribbon to create a fun accent piece

Tie a group of fabric carrots together with a bow.

Sewing Tutorials: How to Make Fabric Carrots, a tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Ameroonie Designs: Add fabric carrots to a bucket and use as a decoration with a bunny for spring or Easter.

See- even the Easter bunny loves these fabric carrots!

If you are looking for more Spring Decorating ideas- head over to this blog post for lots of inspiration.

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Have a wonderful Spring!

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