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Mini Clay Spider

Okay, so first it was a pillow kick, and now it seems that spiders have taken over my brain waves. Sorry if it creeps you out- but I can’t help myself. This is how I craft. One idea spins off into another idea- and so on.

I saw a version of these at a boutique in a pharmacy I was in. (yes- a boutique in a pharmacy: are they brilliant or what? You are stuck there waiting for your meds…you look around…you buy too much stuff….GENIUS!) My sister wanted to buy some (I think-I might be making that part up) but I told her I could totally make them (that part I am not making up). But then I completely forgot about them until the other day. I was making my regular spiders and talking to her on the phone (at the same time-pretty good huh?) and she asked me if I was making those cool spiders we saw. I wasn’t…but now I am! 🙂

And here it is:

He is really small. Like smaller than a quarter total. I used wire for the legs and he has no eyes. The ones we saw had little magnets on the bottom. How fun would that be to have some randomly around the house? I love sticking things with magnets on corners (where the metal sheet rock corner thingy is) and around windows, so I just might have to super glue some magnets on the bottom (I’ll have to find some tiny ones first). I only had time to make 2 so far, but I’m thinking a whole bunch of them would be super creepy and fun. They would be great to use on my candles or to glue to a picture frame. So many possibilities!

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