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Teacher Appreciation Coin Purse with Wrap Card by Ameroonie Designs

*This was a guest post I did clear back in May. I just realized that I never actually posted it over here. Even though we’re already back to school, this would be a great idea for a Christmas gift or just a nice mid-year Thank you. And it doesn’t even have to be for a teacher, you could change the text on the card and make it for just about anyone.

Teachers definitely don’t get paid enough for all that they do for our children.  They spend hours outside of school, and money from their own pockets to create learning opportunities for the students they teach.  So what better way to thank them than by giving them some money to spend on themselves?

And what would be better than a cute little coin purse to give them that money to spend?  And if you wrap that cute little coin purse in a darling wrap card?  Extra Credit!

Today I’m going to show you how to get to the head of the class with this sweet and simple wrap card.  If you want to make your own coin purse- you can find the directions on my blog.

 First, you will need to measure the dimensions of your coin purse.  Mine is 3″ tall by 5″ wide, with a 1″ gusset at the bottom.

 To determine how long your card needs to be you need to add 1/4 inch to the height and depth of the purse then add enough for your fold over flap.  In my case I need to add 3 1/4″ (front of purse) + 1 1/4″ (gusset- or depth of the purse) + 3 1/4″ (back of purse) + 3 (flap) = 10 3/4″ 

  Cut a strip of card stock or heavy scrapbook paper 1/4″ wider than your coin purse and the length you just determined.  In my example the paper would measure 10 3/4″ X 5 1/4″.

  Using the picture above as a guide, score the strip from left to right at 3″ (length of flap), 6 1/4″ (height of purse+ 1/4″ from score line) and 7 1/2″ (depth of purse + 1/4″ from previous score line).  Fold at each of the scored lines.  Embellish the flap as desired.  

  To create the twine closure, punch holes in the flap where you want the twine to tie.  Fold the card as it will wrap around the purse.  Using a piercing tool, punch holes in the card front that line up with the holes on the flap.  Using a needle, thread the twine through the pierced holes on the card front.  Use a piece of tape to hold the twine in place.

 Thread the twine through the holes on the flap and tie into a bow.  Add a gift card or cash to the coin purse and slide the coin purse into the wrap card.  Now give it to the incredible person who dedicates their lives to teaching and helping children achieve their full potential and tell them Thank You!


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