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Easy Thanksgiving Tree tutorial

In my Happiness post, I talked about 5 ways to be happier.  #5 was to acknowledge your happiness.  One of the easiest ways to find things to be happy about is to follow the old adage- and Count your Blessings.  Recognizing what we already have is a giant leap into happiness.  And keeping them on display in a beautiful way is simply an added bonus. 🙂 I wanted to do a quick activity with my children to create a Thanksgiving…

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You are still here.  Still reading.  Still following.  I could not be more grateful.  I am surrounded by kind, supportive and loving people who lift me up and encourage me and help me be more than I could be without them.Thank you to you all.  We are nearing the home stretch.  My fingers ache and my hands go numb if I put too much pressure on them because they are so swollen.  I was up until 2 a.m. throwing together…

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The Birthday Hangover

 No, I didn’t go out and party all night, but my house sure looks like it hosted more than its fair share of good times. 🙂 I told my husband that it didn’t seem right that not having to do dishes on my birthday just meant I got to do them the next day.  (or in this case, a couple days later.)We’ll work on that for next year. 😉So, today, it’s cleaning things up, laundry and figuring out what clothes…

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On Living

Just over a week ago, a local woman had just finished putting her three kids to bed.  They had had a busy day full of errands and spending time together.  She was 8 month pregnant.  She and her husband had just settled in on the bed to watch The Office.  Suddenly she sat up, said “something hurts, this is really bad”.  She started convulsing and her husband called 911.  By the time he reached the hospital following the ambulance they…

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