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    Pant leg drawstring bag

    Summer is hard.  I’m feeling like I should probably re-do my summer list and make it more realistic.  Instead of camping and swimming- it should have “say “I’m bored” 50 times”,…

  • bags fabric zipper

    Perfecting Pouches

    In case you were worried that with all the leprechaun nonsense going on around here I have neglected my mission on perfecting zippered pouches and the slouchy corner problem- Have NO…

  • bags fabric

    Conquering the Zipper

    Dun, dun, dun…..That’s how I used to feel every time I saw a project that required a zipper. I’d run the other way screaming. Okay, not really- but I would turn…

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    Random bag pictures

    Here are some more pictures of the bags I make. There are two sizes pictured, but actually I make 3 different sizes. I love the pockets and the big one I…

  • bags fabric tote

    THE BAG!!

    Here are the much promised pictures of the new tote bag I have been making. And I have to say, they are selling faster than I can make them, which is…