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fabric flowers Tutorials

Scrunched Flower tutorial

 Today I am going to share with you how I make these super fun, easy flowers.   Do you like my amazingly technical name?  Scrunched Flowers?   It’s the best I could come up with.  Feel free to share your opinions on the name of this flower. Anywho.   You may remember seeing these flowers here on my most recent Business card portfolio.    Or you might recognize them from this machine cover I sewed last year. They are a favorite of…

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burlap fabric flowers Point of View POV Tutorials

Point of View Reveal- Burlap

The collage this month is just awesome.  Camilla is the genius behind each of our collages each month and she does an amazing job each time! 🙂When thinking about burlap, the possibilities are endless- and a glance over the variety of projects in our Point of View reveal this month is a good example.  See something that catches your eye?  Check out one or more of the projects by clicking on the links below:Leanne at Organize and Decorate EverythingGwen at…

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children flowers momday

Summer Hiking {Mom-day}

Oh Summer- You are so fleeting!  Only three weeks left before the start of school.  We are trying to cram as much as we can into these last few glorious days.  Yesterday we went on a hike.  My 9 year old had the camera most of the time: Alpine Flowers in Bloom. Our Destination I did take the camera back near the end of the hike so I could capture this: My 2 year old’s epic fit because I wouldn’t…

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couch makeover fabric features felt flowers pillow

Couch Makeover {pillow #1}

If you are curious what this post is all about, click here for the {before} I knew I wanted to make each of the new pillows for the couch textural and different from each other.  When I saw this tutorial from Tonia at The Gunny Sack on Someday Crafts, I knew right away it would be one of them.   Gorgeous, right?  Here’s how mine turned out: Mmmmm.  LOVE it!! 🙂  I pretty much followed Tonia’s tutorial, but I made just…

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"theme"-day thursday fabric flowers totes

In the Bag, themeday Thursday

If I had known I would not have a chance to blog again until today, I would have thought twice about putting up my disaster photos on Monday. 🙂  Oh well, now you know my deep, dark secret.  I am not a great housekeeper.  Oh wait, you probably already figured that out long ago.  haha.  Anyway, with the birthday bash and the craziness that May turned into, this is only the second theme-day Thursday I’ve done for the month.  But…

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fabric flowers Point of View spring

April Point of View- Spring!

It’s here!  Our April Point of View!  I am so excited about these projects.  Aren’t they amazing?  I hope you’ll take a few minutes and go check out your favorites.  To make it easy, here are all the links: 1.  Michelle at A Little Tipsy 2. Camilla from Rosy Red Buttons 3. Gwen from Gwenny Penny 4. Stacy who is Not Just a Housewife 5. Jonie from Just Between Friends 6. Me- and well, you’re already here! 🙂 The link…

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"theme"-day thursday flowers home spring

Forcing Spring

Here is a teaser for my Point of View post tomorrow. This is the brooch I made to go with my skirt! Love the colors and fabrics. And totally off topic, but can I just say what a difference quality cotton makes in a project? I am very thrifty (of necessity) and usually don’t splurge on quilt quality cotton, but I’m a believer now! {if I can just get my budget on board we’ll be set}I am DYING for spring…

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fabric flowers purse

Pocket Purse, second edition

I had another order for a purse last week. She picked out this fabric and I think it is so spunky and fun! Just like my friend who ordered it. She asked me to make it a little taller (3 in. to be exact) so she could fit more stuff in it! 🙂 {we all need more room for stuff right?}I kept the outer pockets the size they were originally, but if I make a tall purse like this again,…

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"theme"-day thursday flowers pillow spring Tutorials

Early Spring Pillow

When I first saw this chenille fabric in the clearance section of JoAnn’s I knew exactly what I would use it for. It reminded me of early spring, when there’s still dirt on the ground, but things are turning green, promising lush beauty to come. The fact that it was an additional 50% off was a bonus. I thought I’d share with you how I made the flowers- in case any of you wanted to try to make one of…

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children custom fabric flowers pillow

Pillow Talk

I can honestly say that the “bat” pillow is the first real throw pillow I have ever made. I didn’t have a lot of throw pillows, because, honestly, they’re just one more thing the kids can throw around. But, I have become enamored with the art of the throw pillow. They are small, simple (relatively) sewing projects that don’t take a considerable amout of time to complete (mostly). When my friend commissioned me to make some pillows for her daughter’s…

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