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  • classes fabric gift ideas

    Craft Classes?

    Last year I was standing in the line at Robert’s (local craft store) waiting in line to purchase some Cricut cartridges. (4 for $100- a STEAL- which meant the line was…

  • gift ideas paper

    Little Things (part 2)

    We made these cookies for FHE. They are PB&C Sandwich cookies. I got the recipe from Better Homes and Gardens magazine. They are delicious! In keeping with the spirit of trying…

  • cards gift ideas paper

    Little Things

    This is how the gift tag looked on my friend’s birthday gift. I really think it’s little things- a hand made card, a small token of love and friendship- that add…

  • fabric flowers gift ideas

    Lovely Gifting

    We had a birthday party to go to last week and after we wrapped up the goodies, we realized that the package was missing just a little something special. So, we…

  • Baby fabric gift ideas

    Baby Gifts

    I was invited to a baby shower last week. Love to welcome these new little ones to the world!I saw the idea for this over on Abby’s blog here. I had…