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children Cricut fabric pattern pillow Tutorials

Create a pouf with your Cricut Explore

Are you sick of this room makeover yet?  I hope not, I still have a couple of posts to share with you, including a video!  Yikes!  But, that’s for tomorrow. 😉 Today we’re going to talk about this little reading nook.  Specifically how to make the pouf I designed.  But first we’ll talk about a couple of the other details.   The yellow cushion is from my previous reading nook I made for my youngest daughter.  I was glad I…

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art children Cricut paper

Dimensional Art using the Cricut Explore

*This post is another in a series of posts detailing projects in my Girls’ Room Makeover as part of my entry in the Cricut Design Space Star finals. Today I wanted to share with you the details on how I created the art to go in the reading nook.  I started by looking for a quote to put in the large frame.  I chose one from “Oh The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss.  So, to keep with the theme…

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children Cricut organize tote vinyl

Custom storage containers using vinyl

 *another Cricut Design Space project as part of my Final round room makeover One of my favorite things about this whole room makeover is how the closet turned out.  I love how much storage has been added to the room, and I love how organized it is.  But mostly, I love these darling totes.  And I love how the vinyl helps disguise some of the contents in the totes while helping separate them so they can tell which one should…

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children Cricut flowers paint paper

Little Girls’ room makeover

This post is part of the Cricut Design Space Star contest and is brought to you by Cricut. When I found out that I was being given the opportunity to participate in the final round of the Design Space Star contest I was thrilled.  We were each given a budget of $1000, + $500 in supplies from Cricut and asked to make over a room.  I knew we would use the money to make over at least one of our…

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advent children Christmas family holiday paper

Scalloped Advent Banner

    *Disclaimer- this project is participating in the Cricut Design Space Star Contest and is eligible for prizes.  All ideas and opinions are my own.  This post also contains affiliate links.  I truly do love my Cricut Explore and  if you think you might want one, clicking through the links to purchase will result in a small cash compensation for me.  That is all- on to the project. 🙂 Can one have too many advent calendars?  I don’t think…

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children home sponsored

Reading Nook for E

*I was given product in exchange for a blog post.  The opinions and project are my own. My older daughter has had at least 3 bedroom makeovers- the rest of my children have had 0.  I’ve decided it’s time to do something about that.  So, instead of starting with the next oldest child (who is a boy and just wants posters of sports heroes and cars on his walls) I started with the youngest.  She’s not yet 2 and doesn’t…

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becoming Amy children momday

On the Road to Recovery

Hi!  I’m Amy and I’m a recovering enabler, nagger and yeller.  I’ve been in recovery for about a week.  I’m definitely a work in progress, and I still have a long way to go, but I’ve seen indications that this is the right way for me to go. This morning was a perfect example.   I have decided that if I want my children to be self motivated, I need to give them the opportunity to learn how to be that…

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becoming Amy children momday real life

Why I’m quitting my day job…

I’m not even sure I’m going to give them 2 weeks notice. Before you start panicking that I’m leaving my family, let me reassure you that I have no intention of doing that. The job I plan to quit is the job of Chief Enabling Officer.  The job mostly involves nagging, yelling, cajoling, reminding, hurrying, watching, checking, reminding, nagging, and repeat. It’s a lousy job and the pay is terrible.  Benefits include (but are not limited to): dependent, lazy, entitled,…

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children fabric holiday

Ornament Bean Bag toss

 Holiday parties with my family mean 3 things, lots of yummy food, lots of fun, and lots of crazy kids.  This year I’m trying to get ahead of the game by having some simple activities on hand to keep them occupied while we get meals ready, or just visit as adults.  This Ornament Beanbag Toss can be made in one nap time and can be used over and over again.  The kids can team up, or can try to beat…

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children Cricut preschool

P is for Penguin

I told you yesterday about our Letter ‘P’ party.  This is one of the games we played.  We are working on helping the children understand the correlation between numerals and the actual number of objects.  I used my Cricut again to cut out these darling penguins.  They are from the Zooballoo cartridge.  There are 6 children in our group- and I wanted each of them to have 3 turns, so I made 18 penguins.  I used number stickers to put…

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