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give away halloween washi tape wood

Halloween Icon Blocks and Washi Tape Giveaway

Can you feel that crispness in the air?  We had a week full of rain showers last week and it’s left the feeling of fall all around.  It’s the main reason I LOVE September.  Combine that with the fall projects I’ve been creating, and I’m ready to bust out the decorations and launch into autumn full swing.  Want to see what my latest creation is?  These Halloween Icon blocks have been in my “in progress” bin forever. (and by forever,…

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fall halloween paint pumpkin sponsored wood

4X4 pumpkins {tutorial and sponsored post}

   Today I am participating in a group project of sorts.  I was given the opportunity to receive some kits for various wood and vinyl projects.  I was asked to create my own version of the project and then link them up with other projects.  This is a project that will be going on for a few weeks- but will be full of fun projects you can purchase kits for, or just make for yourself.  So it’s a win/win. 🙂 …

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gift ideas paper teacher appreciation wood

Teacher Appreciation Frame

When I went to SNAP there were many things I loved learning about and tons of great information.  But, the thing that struck me the most was the message given to us by the closing Key-note speaker, Matt Townsend.  You’ll be hearing from him more here on the blog, because I think he has some really important things to say, and he’s a lot funnier and smarter than I am.  One of the points he made about the power of…

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blocks cub scouts den meeting ideas paint wood

Do Your Best Block

I was recently asked to be an assistant Den Mother in my son’s Wolf Den in Cub Scouts.  I am excited to be involved with him in this fun adventure, but I have to admit, learning the scouting “ropes” is like learning an entirely new language.  I don’t understand half of what they’re talking about in meetings, but I’m hoping I’ll learn quickly. 😉We have a pretty large den- 10 boys now.  With many of them just barely joining our…

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happy birthday party pumpkin real life wood

A Quick Rundown

It started with a preschool trip to the pumpkin patch.  (right in the middle of Red Ribbon Week).  Followed by Fall Break from school.  During Fall break we celebrated a birthday.  A pretty significant birthday.  8 years is pretty old.  Many thanks to Amy from Increasingly Domestic for the fantastic birthday balloon idea– it was a major hit! I needed some pics of my banner for my boutique.  I think I like this one. 🙂  The best part of the…

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autumn fall painted Point of View pumpkin wood

September Point of View Reveal- Autumn!

I love autumn!  The colors, the cool crisp air, And fun crafty projects!  Man do we have a great line up for you!  I hope you’ll enjoy all these wonderful Autumn projects and then head over to Gwen’s blog to link up your own Autumn flavored points of view- we’d love to have you! 🙂Click on the link to see each of the projects: Jonie Gwen Stephanie– Our guest poster for the month.  Please make her feel welcome. 🙂 (I…

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fabric Valentine's Day wood

American Crafters project- round 1

So, there have been quite a few wordy posts around here this week. Mostly because my main project for this week was this beauty- My Love Notes Board for the American Crafters competition. And with 2 kids with the flu and me with a cold, there hasn’t been a whole lot of time left after that. So, I have been patiently waiting until today so I could reveal this project! I made the envelopes using ideas I gleaned from a…

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blocks decorate paper winter wood

Winter decorations

My winter decorations are few and far between. After these two things I am going to show you today, there’s only a snowman family cookie jar left. (and since I had nothing to do with owning/making it, I’m not even going to show it to you) But, the two things I DO have, I really like. Maybe one day I’ll be up to getting more done for this dreary month of January, but for right now, I’m simply too tired…

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painted paper wood

Subway Art

So, since I know you were all wondering, I looked up the origins of Subway Art- kinda- I googled it! I found out that subway art comes from the vintage signs that used to mark the New York Subway stations. They were vertical, white lettering on a black background and they used two sizes of the same sanserif font. I’m not sure of all the steps in the evolution of those signs into the current form of “Subway Art” but…

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fall halloween wood

In Progress

I have been working on a few projects. None of them seem to be working out exactly like I had planned. The board above has been in process for a couple of months. I finally painted it, and was trying to figure out how to use it to hold my necklaces. This is the first iteration. I love how the necklaces look, which is what I wanted to decide first. Now I need to cover the cork board with fabric…

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